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"We are Sovereign Rulers of our own lives. Free to create without judgement. We are Unified through our Diversity

-Knights of Creativity Spirit & Ale



Originally founded in Evansville, Indiana on April 18, 2007 as the Knights of Moleskine Spirit and Ale, and having spread overseas shortly afterwards, the Knights of Creativity Spirit & Ale are dedicated to Thinking, Drinking, Creating, and a Spiritual Life focused on Unity through Diversity. 


"Libertas de Juditium. Unitas per Varianti."

Join Us


Please explore our site and read our blog.  


We trust that you will feel as we do, compelled to promote Unity through Diversity.  It's Free, it's fun, and best of all, it's fulfilling.


"Dedicated ut Reputo , Imbibo , Partum quod Bacca Hilaris." Dedicated to Thinking, Drinking, Creating and Being Merry!

We Are Knights Nation!

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