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dkWells released his second album titled, Thank God for Thomas Edison, on his own record label, Stormcrow Records.  Wells shares, “A lot of my inspiration for the songs came from my experience attending the Bonnaroo Music Festival. In fact the title of the album, and the title track song was inspired by electricity at the event. The lack of it in my camping area, and the power of it on stage.”

Thank God for Thomas Edison has received rave reviews from across the globe.  Jon Shoulders, a music reviewer based in Indianapolis says, “dkWells has perfectly blended pop, rock and Americana in a shiny and powerful package with exquisite production values.”  Wells intentionally departed from his theme and lyric styles from his first effort, saying, "It was time to have some fun again!"

Open Heart...Open Mind was dkWells' first solo recording effort. Released in 2010 after a 3 year recording and mixing process, Open Heart...Open Mind explores Wells' spiritual and mental journey after surviving emergency Open Heart Surgery, as well as a life threatining car wreck requiring extensive surgeries on a business to Shreveport, Louisiana.


Heavy in spritual overtones, yet rocking to the core, Wells hopes that the healing he experinced in writing these songs will also inspire you on your journey in life.




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